Intellectual Property Management Company


Monroe Credit Advisors was engaged by an intellectual property management company to assist in raising debt to finance the costs and legal fees for two patent monetization campaigns. While the company had established strategic alliances with major law firms, as well as national and international manufacturers and business partners, the company required a financial advisor with extensive lender relationships and a proven track record working with difficult and complex financings. Although the merits of the patent cases were very strong, the financing was particularly challenging given that the company had no recurring revenue, and future recoveries were based on an esoteric asset class. Furthermore, few if any debt financings of this type had been undertaken and completed.


Monroe Credit Advisors leveraged its credit experience and relationships to advise on a compelling loan structure and to identify a special situations focused lender that could understand this unique collateral, use of proceeds and repayment source, as well as support the company's plan. Various proposals from lenders, financing structures and potential collateral support were considered. Ultimately, a term financing partner provided the flexibility and financial support the company was seeking to maximize recoveries on its monetization programs. In completing the transaction, Monroe Credit Advisors, the company and the lender have laid the foundation to provide increased liquidity to the intellectual property asset class.

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