Standard Merchandising Company


Monroe Credit Advisors (“MCA”) was engaged by LongWater Opportunities (the “Sponsor”) to structure and place a debt capital facility that would be used to help finance the acquisition and merger of two domestic manufacturers of sock and hosiery products, Standard Merchandising Company and Fox River Mills, Inc. (together the “Combined Company”). The Sponsor was seeking a broad set of cost-effective financing options which also provided the flexibility to support the Combined Company’s integration and future growth.
MCA worked closely with the Sponsor and its management team to develop a number of potential debt structures supporting the acquisition and the Combined Company’s growth objectives. MCA assisted with the creation of detailed marketing materials positioning the transaction for capital providers across multiple lender classes. Through these efforts, MCA successfully generated a number of compelling financing alternatives from which the Sponsor could select. By assisting the team with its selection of a capital provider and the final diligence process, MCA was able to drive a positive financing outcome for the Combined Company and successful close of the transaction.