Private Equity Group


A private equity backed manufacturer of lighting and lifestyle products was incurring losses while new management repositioned the company's product line with major retailers. Given the history and extent of the losses, the company's existing lender asked to be refinanced out of its debt. With the history and time requirement put forth by the lender, the sponsor turned to Monroe Credit Advisors to advise on and quickly raise new debt capital to refinance the company's senior debt.


Monroe Credit Advisors utilized information provided by the company to effectively communicate the company's business plan and collateral position.  The firm focused on a specific set of alternative lenders that targets transitional credits. These lenders included bank ABL's, commercial finance companies, hedge funds and opportunistic lenders. With management's efforts clearly producing increased orders and backlog, lenders gained comfort in the prospects for  the business. With several term sheets put forth by lenders, the company ultimately chose a lender that it felt understood its business plan and would be flexible during its path to profitability.

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